Old Bloke On An Old Bike

The story of the restoration of a 1950s classic bicycle for a Land's End – John O'Groats charity ride in aid of Alzheimer's Society

26 Mar 2016: The great navigator…?

Went for a training ride from just south of Colchester to Anglesey Abbey, near Cambridge. I used Cyclestreets to plan the route – it should have been 52 miles. I had NCN maps and a GPS thingummy with me. What could possibly go wrong?

But cyclestreets doesn’t generate very simple routes and I always get lost in Colchester – the wretched place is full of complicated little roundabouts. Also, the horrible A12 has very few places  for crossing on a bike. Somehow, rather than crossing close to Colchester, I missed the route and ended up crossing miles to the West. Error piled upon error and I ended up covering 75 miles. Just look at the crazy track I followed:

Route26Mar2016It took 6 hours at 12.2 mph, but I arrived in time for lunch and I suppose it was a good training run. But navigation has to improve before we start LEJOG.

Anyway, here’s some more soporific video; sleep well…

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